What is the difference between an antique rug and a vintage rug?

Antique rugs are 100+ years old. Vintage rugs are 20-100 years old.

How do I know if a rug is truly antique?

Signs like natural dyes, handspun wool, uneven knots indicate antique construction. We provide authentication certificates.

What are the most popular rug patterns and designs you sell?

We specialize in Persian, and Oriental rugs featuring traditional designs like Malayer ,  Serapi, Bijar, and Baluch.

Can antique rugs be used on the floor or are they only decorative?

With proper underlay, many antique rugs can still be used on floors but rotation preserves them longer.

How are antique Persian rugs valued and priced?

Based on age, rarity, condition, materials, knots per inch, colors, and specific patterns. 

What are the benefits of hand-spun wool versus machine spun?

Handspun wool has more texture and character. Machine-spun is softer and more uniform.

How should I decorate a room with an antique Oriental rug?

Complement it with furniture and accents in similar color palettes and styles.

Do you ship antique rugs internationally?

Yes, we are experienced global shippers and work with reliable partners to safely deliver rugs worldwide.

How do I know if an antique rug is right for my home?

Consider your lifestyle, decor, size requirements, and if you want a rug to use vs. display. Our specialists can help guide you.

What are the tell-tale marks of different Oriental rug regions?

Experts can identify origin by design motifs, dyes, wool quality, and weaving density.

How long will an antique rug last?

With proper care, an antique rug can last 100+ years. Handspun wool and natural dyes increase longevity.

How often should I have an antique rug cleaned?

Professional cleaning every 3-5 years is recommended. Only handle delicately and spot clean when needed.

Is moth damage a risk with wool antique rugs?

Yes, regular vacuuming and periodic professional cleaning helps deter moths.

What are signs of damage or poor quality in an antique rug?

Worn areas, color fading, holes, weak foundation, and uneven shearing indicates condition issues.